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Live plants Both Fully Mature 130+ Days Old May 1st and younger plants available for shipping.

Beginning approximately May 1st – May 15Th possibly sooner.

Check back around April 15th (approximate) to choose your plants individually.

Or contact me to be informed of when the plant page is live. or use the contact page.


You should still introduce them to sun exposure gradually after the 2-3 days in total darkness they get during shipping.

They will not be super tall like some you see for sale at other places who just let them grow straight up to appear older than they are. They will be shorter and multi branched over being a straight tall plant. Kept topped, stripped and pruned multiple times to remain compact for my own space as well as easier shipping. When shipped they will be bare root (most of the soil shaken off to minimize risk of the soils weight shifting and snapping any limbs) with the roots and remaining soil wrapped in moist paper towels and then enclosed in a plastic baggy to remain moist. Prior to this they will be sprayed down with a light neem solution as a preventative measure against any pest. After the roots are all sealed up the greenery will then also be sprayed down with a neem solution (I let this be known in case the obvious neem smell lasts till delivery. Its an old peanut kinda smell and is 100% non toxic and a natural plant oil) and allowed to dry overnight. The entire thing is then rolled up in white butcher paper for protection from shifting and some insulation. They will then be packed and shipped priority mail on a Monday Tuesday or Wednesday (as long as no holidays may interrupt delivery) only to prevent any possibility of them getting stuck at the post office over a weekend.

If you’d like to reserve one prior to them being posted in a few weeks feel free to contact me. Some i only have one of, some i have a few. The following types are available as mature plants:

Carolina Reaper

Bhutlah Scorpion

7 Pot Douglah

Moruga Scorpion

Chocolate Bhutlah SM “THE Youtube Pepper”


“Christopher Phillips” CP 115

BBGY x Moruga Yellow (Last years had Bleeding)

Pink Tiger

Bleeding Borg 9

7Pot Brown

Jigsaw Moruga

BBG7 x PDN (Last years was a bleeding pink pheno)

BBG Orange


One Mystery Plant That The label fell off…

Mutant Candlelight and Mutant Candlelight Cloned From Mature Plant

BBGMAMP Cloned From A Mature Plant

BBG7 x PDN Pink Pheno Cloned From Mature Plant

Mystery Failed Label – BBG7 x PDN or Mojo Scoundral Cloned From Mature Plant


 Aji White Lightning, Bolivian Rainbows, Numex Easters, Mustard Bhutlahs, BBG Red, Orange Naga BBG7,

Red Naga Brain, Black Bhutla X, HP50 x BBG7, Pimenta Puma Reaper,

OrageGum TigerMamp (Green Leaf, dont know what it will produce), Reaper Tepin,

Onza Amarillo, Goats Weed, Coral Reef, Mustard Moruga Brains, Tricolor Variegata, 7 Pot Jonah x PDN,

7 Pot Brown Peach Pheno, Peter Pepper, Bishop Crown, Sadabahar, Chi-Chein, Numex Twilight…

Prices will vary by age of plant and type. Shipping will be approximately 7-13 dollars Priority Mail.

Free seeds with all orders to offset the shipping cost to you.

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