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Chili Pepper Seeds

From JUR-Z Devil’s Personal Garden

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Chili Pepper Seeds

Things to know about DevilPods.com Chili Pepper Seeds:

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I’m a firm believer in the medicinal power of capsaicin.

From drug withdrawals to pain suppression and mood elevation just to name a few.

They are more than tasty or just pretty novelties used to make your friends suffer.

The endorphin rush is second to none and has helped many people.


Every variety you see is LIMITED and from my personal garden – NOT mass produced for sales.

From seed to shipping, ALL is handled by me and only me.

All current seeds are a mix of Isolated, Open Pollinated and Absolute Isolation.

All seed packs have a minimum of 10 seeds…

They should be considered Open Pollinated and variations are possible.

DevilPods.com Does It A Bit Different

EVERY SEED is hand selected over a light board to verify the embryo inside is viable and looks as it should. No other company goes through such efforts and it’s the reason my customers average near 100% germination rates.

YOU GET THE BEST SEEDS I HAVE AT THE TIME. You get what you pay for here. My experience and time to make sure you get the best seeds possible. Not just a bag of seeds thrown together with many extra seeds hoping you get enough to germinate and not complain.

Id rather have you get 90-100% germination off of my individually hand picked seeds than have you get 60% germination from just an over filled bag of random seeds. I put in the effort to make sure you get the best.

I dont play those games hoping no one complains. I stand by my process and I go above and beyond to make sure you have a successful season. No one can guarantee 100% germination, but I can guarantee no other company or person goes through more trouble or more effort to make sure you get the best possible advantage to starting an amazing season.

Every variety is delivered in its own protective vial with silica bead, cotton, and seeds inside.

(****International Orders Are Not Guaranteed Vials. Some places have to be shipped via Birthday Card.*****)

DevilPods.com Packaging


Contact me for Live Mutant Candlelight Plants. $30 Shipped Priority Mail. Continental US Only.

Site Is Half Complete. See More Available Varieties At Links Below.

You can see the entire available collection here – COLLECTION – twice as many options.

You can also see videos at Youtube.com/DevilPods

As well as Instagram.com/DevilPods

If there something you want, that’s not in the shop yet, contact me to have it added to the site or your order.

Furthermore, I never resell other peoples seeds and no one grows the seeds that I sell besides me.

Most importantly, all seeds grown under my direct control, on my own property.

I have been doing this for fun for over a decade, so I decided to share my creations.

What you see is what you get. Besides that, I DO NOT DISCUSS MY GENETICS BREEDING PROGRAM.

All varieties are F5 or higher unless otherwise stated. Understand, variation is part of the hobby.

Finally, shipping happens as fast as possible. Delays are possible, but rare.


Want some entertainment? Check Out The Hot Pepper Challenge Videos In The Video Library!


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